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Daisy Fearns


Following 33 years of teaching Art & Design and Textiles in Secondary schools, she now uses some of her time creating a variety of art and craftwork.
Daisy works in appliqué collage, watercolour, Cards-to-Keep©, embroidery, coloured pencil and mixed media. Where possible reclaimed fabrics and papers are used and repurposed.

Commissions have constituted a major part of her recent output including, public art of illustrated maps of 3 aspects of the historic town of Diss in Norfolk. Several architectural watercolour pieces. Coloured pencil portraits of family pets and 3 needlepoint chair seats with designs inspired by William de Morgan.
Mobile: 07910965350



Lindsey Pearson
Watercolour Artist

Inspiration for Lindsey’s work emanates from the sheer spontaneity and exuberance of painting and drawing with Watercolour and Inks. Their unpredictable nature and fabulous colours offer exciting challenges and opportunities to work using bold washes, energy and vibrancy.

Lindsey’s paintings are highly expressive. A fluid style enables her to capture the very essence of a place in an evocative and atmospheric way. She is inspired and deeply connected with her favourite, special places such as the Sussex Downs and Venice – travel permitting!

Lindsey’s work can be seen in Chalk Gallery Lewes, Horsham Artists exhibitions and the Association of Sussex Artists. She exhibits regularly
with these groups and is an active participant in both Chalk and Horsham Artists.

Sally Henry

Designer/Digital Printmaker

Sally originated her series of Alice* prints to capture the famous local environs of Sussex Square and Lewes Crescent which surround the gardens of Kemp Town Enclosures – said to have inspired the Rev Charles Dodgson, better known as author Lewis Carroll, during his visits to Brighton.


*These images combine historic pen and ink drawings by Sir John Tenniel – from Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass with augmented photographs giving a colourful if an eccentric interpretation of the much loved classic books.


Ongoing experiments in Digital Art and 3D Installations have led Sally to make large interactive work. Her Digital Landscapes offer accessible participation and visual enjoyment.
Mobile 07896 700 553

Derek Henry
Fine Art Painter

Derek studied Visual Communication and Fine Art Painting at the University of Brighton. His recent artworks feature Dragons in Brighton and the way they shape-shift the local environment.

During this year's Brighton Artist Open House Event he will hold a series of Encaustic Painting Painting Workshops, starting on May 7. All are welcome to attend. Children should be accompanied by an adult. The workshops will take place under a gazebo.

The theme this year will focus on The Queen’s Green Canopy (QGC) a unique tree-planting initiative created to mark Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022 which invites people from across the United Kingdom to “Plant a Tree for the Jubilee”.
Mobile 07592 336 639



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